Annual Registration Info

Registration for the Spring season opens in February.   Season usually runs for eight weeks with a couple weeks of practice on Tuesday and Thursdays and then six weeks of practices with games on Sunday afternoons. Typically we start the week following Spring Break and end before Memorial Day.

We offer online registration as our preferred method to register, and payment by credit or debit card through PayPal.  Payment is processed through PayPal, but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay online, just follow instructions closely.  Registration is $75.

Register for the MMLL season in a few easy steps

  1. Register with US Lacrosse using the link on our website. Our registration form will have a line item for your US Lacrosse membership number and expiration date.  All players are required to register with US Lacrosse. ($25 Annual registration fee.)
  2. Create an image of the front and back of your health insurance card, save it as a PDF, Word, or other commonly used software format and upload it during registration.  Use the player’s name in the file name.  If you are unable to upload to our site, don’t worry, you can still register online and then provide a photocopy at the first practice.
  3. Download our parental permission form from the DOCUMENTS tab, fill it out, scan it and upload to our site, just like the insurance card above. Use the player’s name in the file name.  If you are unable to upload to our site, don’t worry, you can still register online and then provide the form at the first practice.
  4. Complete online registration form from the REGISTRATION tabs.
  5. After submitting the registration form, click PAY NOW at the bottom of the online form to pay your registration by credit card or debit card.  You’ll receive email confirmation of your registration and payment.

We also have paper based registration, if you prefer.  Just download the form from our DOCUMENTS tab, fill it out and mail it with a copy of your health insurance card and payment.