Mid Missouri Lacrosse League 2017 Off Season Updates:

1.We are updating/cleaning up our email distribution list.
◦ Please respond to the email if you would like to be removed from further communications from MMLL.

2.We are considering a 5 week indoor Lacrosse off-season session at the MAC. It would probably be 1 hour on Sunday afternoon/evenings from mid-November to mid-December. Depending on numbers, it would probably be no more than $55 per kid for the five weeks. In order to make the reservations, we would need commitment of at least 10 kids. This will be a great way to get the kids out of the house and give them some additional time practicing their LAX Skills.
Please respond by Tuesday, October 31st if you are interested.

3.We have met as a board to start planning for next Spring season. A few things of interest.
◦ Free clinics will be at the ARC
– Saturday, March 17th at 10:30am
– Wednesday, March 21st at 5:30pm
◦ Season practices will be 6-7:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday beginning Tuesday, April 3rd and ending Thursday, May 17th.
◦ Games will be Sunday afternoons starting May 15th and ending May 20th.
◦ We need people interested in keeping the league going in the future. The current three board members all have 7th graders this year, so 2019 will be our last year in the league. We would love to have some one from the younger age group talk to us about a succession plan. Ideally, we would have at least one board member for each of the three or four highest age groups. This would allow for a ‘one a year’ succession plan vs the three we will need following the 2019 season.
◦ We are trying to expand the league to more kids. This year we are going to distribute a flyer through the new PeachJar email distribution system offered for the Columbia Public Schools. The flyer will be distributed on February 15th to all elementary and middle schools in Columbia. We are hopeful this will reach a significant number of parents and will trigger interest in participating in the clinics and then the league. Please feel free to send this to anyone you might think could be interested in playing.  It can be found in the documents section of our website.