MMLL Games – May 14th

All of the kids are doing so well advancing their skills. We would like to thank our coaches for all of their hard work teaching them the skills to be better players.

Games Sunday on Cosmo’s Lacrosse/Football Field 6 (F6):
Sunday’s Games (yes, unfortunately we are scheduled to have games on Mother’s Day. Hopefully, the kiddos will play hard for Mom! And really, sorry Moms, with Easter and Memorial day book-ending our season, we had to play this weekend.)

We will go ahead and keep the same schedule where the older age group plays first followed by the younger group.

  • 6th – 8th grade @ 1pm (be there at 12:30pm to dress out and warm up)
  • 3rd – 5th grade following end of first game ~2:15pm (be there at 1:45pm to watch some of the older boys game and to get ready)

Don’t forget mouth guards, athletic supporters and sunscreen!