MMLL Updates

We have several updates this week…
1.Reminder, NO GAMES this Sunday for Mother’s Day.

2.Don’t forget to check out the MMLL Facebook page. We have added several new members to the group. – Thanks Hazelrigg family for the pics!
MMLL Facebook Page

3.St. Louis Tournament for older group
– Coach Jason has indicate he would be interested in sticking around and helping coach a team. I think he mentioned it at practice on Wednesday.
– Dates of tournament are June 25-26. Guaranteed five full games.
– Location: St. Charles Soccer Complex
– Cost will probably be around $30 per kid.
– Need replies from all who might be interested by Wednesday, May 11th.
– If we get enough/close enough in numbers, we can include players from last year because it is a 15U age bracket. Once we know our numbers, we will see if we need to try to pull in a few additional 9th graders that still qualify.
– If you have any additional questions, feel free to send an email.

4.Save the date: We are planning to have an end of the season potluck May 22nd. More details to come.

5.Rock Bridge/Hickman LAX games are next week. Chance to see a more advanced version of the game on our off nights from practice. You have two opportunities. We hope one works out for you.
– JV game is Tuesday, May 10th @ Hickman
– Varsity game is Thursday, May 12th @ Hickman

6.Girl’s Lacrosse
-The coach for the High School Columbia Girls Lacrosse Team sent out an email to a few people who have contacted us/them with questions about a girls league. If anyone would like that email forwarded to them, please let me know and I will send you a copy.

7.MO Valley LAX Camp
– In the email, she mentions a camp at Missouri Valley College. Her comments are targeted toward the girls that have contacted us, but the same applies for the boys. This is a great opportunity to learn more and improve your skills at a camp fairly close to home.

“MO Valley is running a girls and boys lacrosse camp this summer for 6-12th graders. This is a great opportunity for your girls to learn the rules of the game and see that there is a future for girls in college to play! Many colleges in MO are starting lacrosse teams and heavily recruiting MO players to join them.”

Here is a link for the camp: