Rosters and Other Updates

Wow, what great weather we have had for our first two game weekends! The boys looked very good out there. Coach Jason and Coach Eric are doing a great job working with them.

We have a few updates we wanted to pass along:

In today’s email, we distributed a roster sheet separating the boys by age groups and in numerical order for quick reference. Hopefully, this will help everyone know who is who when we are watching the games. I have tried to format it to be highly visible on a mobile device, so hopefully you can read it from your phone.

Mother’s Day:
We love our mothers! So we are going to take Sunday, May 8th off. Make sure you spoil Mom since you won’t be busy playing lacrosse that Sunday afternoon. Again, no games on Sunday, May 8th. *We will plan to play the games from that Sunday on the following Monday, May 9th during the normal practice time.

Just as a reminder, practices will continue to be on Soccer Field 6 for the remainder of the year.

Next Sunday’s Games:
We are going to mix up the schedule next week and let the 3rd-5th group go first. We have been having them go after the older boys, so they could arrive early and watch the game played by kids with a few more years experience. We thought this would be good for them to witness to maybe help with the teaching of how the game is played. But now, we would like to give them the opportunity to have the earlier time slot.

We will send another reminder later this week, but please plan for the 3rd-5th grade boys to arrive by 12:30pm to get dressed and warm up. The 6th-8th group should then plan to arrive at 1:30pm for a game following the conclusion of the younger guys.

See you at practice this week (if the weather hold up)